Fleckenstein and McAllister support the Prespa Agreement and the reconciliation process

Fleckenstein and McAllister support the Prespa Agreement and the reconciliation process
MEP David McAllister and the MEP Knut Fleckenstein at Wednesday’s meeting with Zoran Zaev expressed strong support to implementation of Prespa Agreement and opening of EU accession negotiations with Macedonia.

“EU lawmakers conveyed strong support from the European Parliament to the Prespa Agreement, which is assessed as an example especially for the Western Balkans, but also for entire Europe. They welcomed Prime Minister’s leadership in the process. They expressed strong support for Macedonia’s EU and NATO prospects. They expressed belief that the constitutional changes will be passed in the Parliament, and that Macedonia will continue EU integration at an even faster pace,” Government Press Service said.

Zaev voiced his expectation related to voting in Parliament on constitutional amendments in line with Prespa Agreement as well as reforms related to security services, judiciary, public administration, fight against crime and corruption and media.

“We expect the constitutional changes to be passed in the second half of January. Through inclusion, through the amendments, the opposition has joined this process. As of today, the public debate begins, after which the government will submit the final solutions to the parliament. Our expectations are that the constitutional amendments will secure broad political support in the parliament, which will enable the implementation of the Prespa Agreement. We are working on implementation of the reforms in key areas, which we expect to be wrapped up by March. The invitation to NATO and the possibility of opening EU accession negotiations are highly motivational for the institutions in the reform process that is necessary requirement for the EU, but also for the quality of life of the citizens of Macedonia,” Zaev said.

At the meeting, they also discussed other current political issues in Macedonia and the region. Zaev expressed appreciation to the European Parliament for supporting the respect and rule of law as a European democratic value.

McAllister and Knut Fleckenstein have supported the reconciliation process towards Macedonia’s Euro-Atlantic integration.

The MEPs met Wednesday with Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi, Vice Speakers, whips, and the independent VMRO-DPMNE MP group.

Emilija Aleksandrova of the independent VMRO-DPMNE MP group said after the meeting they have received encouragement to continue in the direction they have taken.

“This is of enormous importance for us, demonstrating that we are on the right path and that the process of integration, reforms and reconciliation is the proper direction for Macedonia. These are historic times for the country,” said Aleksandrova.

MEPs McAllister and Fleckenstein provided full support for the reconciliation body and its three sub-groups.

“We are transparent in our work and hope this transparency will encourage more MPs to get involved in the process,” said Aleksandrova. She expects the draft-law on reconciliation over the April 27 events to be filed by the weekend. Asked if the the group would support the constitutional revision in the final stage, Aleksandrova said reforms, integration and reconciliation go hand in hand.

“I believe all stakeholders will remain consistent in their efforts of contributing to the process’ completion,” underlined Aleksandrova.

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