Aleksandar Nikoloski

Vice President of VMRO-DPMNE

"It's a nation with a complex that has to look for its roots 2000 years back, if there wasn’t for Alexander the Great, we wouldn’t have known who we are, stop with this nonsense, I am embarrassed to listen to you..." - These words resounded strongly last week. And no, these were not the words of a Greek Minister of Foreign Affairs, but of our own Macedonian Foreign Minister. So far, no one has ever offended the Macedonian people that much. No one!

After the name dispute has officially started, no Greek minister or prime minister has said that Macedonians are a nation with a complex! But that was done by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Macedonia, who in essence should defend the national interests of the Macedonian people. I have never heard of a foreign minister, or a prime minister, or president of any European state to say that his nation is a nation with a complex, the very same nation he represents. Perhaps the main reason for this is that they are all elected by the people who give them the confidence to represent them, unlike the minister Nikola Dimitrov who has been imposed or, if you will, was planted into a ministerial chair without taking part in the elections and gaining the citizens’ confidence.

Nikola Dimitrov says that the Macedonians are a nation with a complex and thus unwittingly tells what he thinks of Macedonians and how much he despises them, and how much he actually despises the work that he does. He obviously does not experience the honor of doing the work he has been given by the people to represent and lead them, but only sees it as a well-filled biography, just a stepping stone to a better international position for which he would get a higher salary. This is because he was never elected for anything, never participated in any elections. He got everything for free. If he had participated in elections, he would have carried the warmth of every hand that shook his hand and sees someone in you who can help the people, if he had participated in elections, he would have carried every light from every look with him every time he met with those who elected him, those looks have the whole philosophy of this world, they have the confidence, expectation, hope... Therefore, if Dimitrov were elected in the elections, he wouldn’t have said that those who choose him are people with a complex.

This episode with Dimitrov’s humiliation makes me put him under consideration yet again, and maybe even propose a slight modification of the political system and electoral model in Macedonia that would mean that you cannot be elected minister or prime minister if you have not previously been elected MP. Because the MPs are directly elected and the people give them their confidence directly. The logic is pretty simple - that ministers and prime ministers can only be people who have won the people's confidence in direct elections. There are variations of this model in the UK, Germany, Croatia, etc. After this, Dimitrov should seriously reconsider and not repeat such insults.

In my column from September 13th this year in this newspaper, titled "How did we get here?", while analyzing the reasons why Macedonia came in the situation of having the worst proposal in the dispute with Greece and completelychange its name, I wrote that one of the two undisputed things is the fact that Zaev lost the elections, and Dimitrov was imposed as foreign minister, and he did not even participate in the elections. I added that the fully servile position towards Greece and the abandonment of the United Nations framework were fatal for the Macedonian positions. I expected that the result of the referendum would convince these two as carriers of the process, but unfortunately the failure and defeat they faced in the referendum made them even more arrogant and stubborn, which ended up in insulting their own people.

What can we expect from a foreign minister who thinks that his people are suffering from a complex? Would such a minister fight for the preservation of our view of history, our interpretation of culture and science in the committee that should decide on this, which is one of the worst parts of the so-called Prespa agreement. Unfortunately, the answer is clear.

The least Dimitrov should do after such a shameful act is to apologize and resign. Will he have the virtue for it? Of course not.

If his insult towards his people and the criticism of VMRO-DPMNE won’t make him reconsider, then perhaps the opinion of his fellow foreign ministers would change his mind, as well as other top EU and NATO politicians whom he meets, and to whom he tries to appeal, on the cost of the interests of his people. In his worldview, they are important because, after finishing his work in Macedonia and renaming the country, he plans to go there for a better salary and privileges. What these people do not tell him, I will - they smile and encourage him while they are talking to him, but laugh and despise him behind his back, because they have no respect for a man who does not respect his own people, and thus does not is respected himself. They do not have respect for a person who agrees to rename himself and the country he represents, no matter how politically they are encouraging him right now to do it, they have only contempt for him, because none of them at any price would change the name of their country and their people, ever! They won’t tell him this, but they talk and think among themselves, and therefore they will never see him as an equal to them.

If it were only Nikola Dimitrov I would not have worried that much, but my concern is for Macedonia and the people who live here, because he is the political representative and the face of these people. Not for too long, I’m sure!

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