Zaev–Scaparrotti: NATO membership offers prosperous future to Macedonia

Zaev–Scaparrotti: NATO membership offers prosperous future to Macedonia

 NATO membership status offers prosperous future to Macedonia and will have favorable effect on the security and prosperity of the entire region, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and General Curtis Scaparrotti, head of US European Command and NATO’s supreme allied commander, concluded Thursday in Skopje.

PM Zaev extended gratitude for NATO’s decision to invite Macedonia to commence the accession talks, saying that it ‘demonstrates the Alliance’s firm commitment to open door policy.’

Scaparrotti conveyed the Alliance’s readiness to cooperate with Macedonia in case the country needed assistance to meet the standards for its official accession to NATO.

Today’s Zaev-Scaparrotti meeting also hailed the signing of Macedonia-Greece agreement, which sets an example for resolving bilateral disputes and advancing neighborly relations for all countries in the SEE region, the government said in a press release.

The visit of SACEUR Scaparrotti and the support he has been conveying is additional motivation for citizens and institutions to voice their determination for Macedonia to hold to the path that leads to full-fledged EU, NATO membership at the upcoming referendum, Zaev said.

As a NATO member, he added, Macedonia is ready to share the responsibilities, tasks for preserving the regional, global peace and stability, PM Zaev said.

Scaparrotti invited PM Zaev to visit the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) in Mons.

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