Opposition’s “Working Summer”- VMRO-DPMNE moves to Kavadarci

Opposition’s “Working Summer”- VMRO-DPMNE moves to Kavadarci
After two months of preparation, VMRO-DPMNE starts with the activities of the "Working Summer". A total of 1,500 working teams of four people are going to every part of Macedonia to inform citizens about the consequences of the harmful policy of Zoran Zaev’s government. They demand early parliamentary election, along with the presidential which is scheduled for next spring, and they will also present the party’s election program that is almost completed. President Hristijan Mickoski, Vice-Presidents Aleksandar Nikoloski and Vlado Misajlovski, MPs, members of the Executive and Central Committee, presidents of municipal organizations etc. will be out on the field. Weekly activities will end with a big rally in Kavadarci, Nezavisen/Independent newspaper learns.

The opposition has so far held three protests against the government: one in Skopje, Bitola and Strumica, and the plan is to keep continuity on the streets during all Sundays until the end of August (except in the period around Ilinden when they will take a break), then the "Working Summer" will be finalized with another rally in the capital.

"Macedonia needs a new type of politicians - professional, committed and responsible people who have proven themselves in different areas, who make promises and who will not betray the people. We promise a political struggle with different concepts that will be based on program concepts that will be led by professionals, citizens, followers of the idea, the cause for Macedonia, a struggle that will bring us to the final liberation from this tyranny that is happening to our homeland. You will see our program, our program is made by professionals, people working in Macedonia, as well as people representing our diaspora", Said Mickoski at the rally in Strumica.

The party plans meeting with citizens, as well as target groups such as farmers, craftsmen, young people, bankruptcy workers, businessmen ... These meetings will be used for exchange of ideas and proposals, as well as requests for solutions and then they will be translated into the program entitled “New Testament”. It promises to reduce the profit tax in half for the companies, for those who use the second half for investment and new jobs, the abolition of the increased excise tax on diesel fuels, reconstruction, construction of new hospitals, direct employment offer for the best 500 students each academic year...

VMRO-DPMNE states that the party is preparing a seven-year plan, which means reliable development and economic revolution, which will bring more money and more investments in all areas.

"It's the right way forward, and not the colorful lies about made-up honey and milk and then, the very next day, sell everything that someone else has created before us. This is the path on which we rely and on ourselves, but also on the citizens of Macedonia, we do not ask you to trust us, trust yourself. You are the strength of this state, the citizens are the ones that make this country. No politician has a magic wand, there are only more or less motivated politicians. I am motivated to lead you to a new, rich, dignified and proud Macedonia", underlined Mickoski. (GA)



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