Zaev in Sofia: By joining forces Central, East European countries may attract new investments

Zaev in Sofia: By joining forces Central, East European countries may attract new investments
By joining forces the Central, Eastern European countries may boost the exchange of people, goods and services, and by taking advantage of China’s expertise,  make this region an attractive destination for Chinese companies and tourists, Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said Saturday at the Central and Eastern Europe - China ’16 + 1′ summit in Sofia.

Citing the Chinese saying ‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step’, Zaev said the 16+1 initiative ‘is also the first step of an extraordinary voyage that will enable Macedonia to deepen its ties with other countries, make progress in the spheres of energy and infrastructure.’

He notified that in March this year the China-CEEC (Central and Eastern European Countries) Coordination Centre for Cultural Cooperation was opened in Macedonia’s capital Skopje.

This September Macedonia will also host the fifth Chine-CEEC High-Level Think Tanks Symposium and in 2019 the fourth ministerial forum on cultural cooperation, Zaev said.

‘2018 is rather significant for the Euro-Atlantic integration of my country. Last year we signed a Friendship Treaty with Bulgaria, and last month we have signed a deal that puts an end to long-standing name dispute and promotes strategic partnership with our southern neighbor Greece, thus ensuring a prospect for turning our strategic goals into reality, as well as advancing the bilateral cooperation with the countries in the region,’ Zaev said.

He expressed belief that today’s summit would produce many new ideas ‘which will advance the mutual cooperation and communication between the citizens of our countries.’

Zaev also notified that this year Macedonia and China were celebrating the 25th anniversary of diplomatic ties. In honor of the anniversary, he extended gratitude to China on its support of Macedonia and pledge for resuming the successful cooperation, the government said in a press release. 

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