Zaev: The opposition should rejoice accession talks date

Zaev: The opposition should rejoice accession talks date
Let's finally rejoice this happy news - Macedonia received a date for the start of EU accession talks in June 2019. It is nice to sometimes celebrate together positive decisions for Macedonia. It is appalling to deny to this day the fact that Macedonia received an accession talks date, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev told a Q&A session in Parliament on Monday.

PM Zaev was responding to VMRO-DPMNE MP Goran Manojlovski who asked whether Macedonia really received an EU accession talks date.

According to the PM, one argument for the date is the launch of the screening process on July 17.

"Another proof is that the European Council will never again return to the issue of Macedonia's accession talks date. The opposition's focus should finally be on the screening and the negotiating framework, so that the first chapters of the negotiating process open in June of next year," stressed Zaev.

Regarding a question from Besa MP Fadil Zendeli on the nationality inscription in the passports, PM Zaev said it would read "Macedonian/citizen of Republic of North Macedonia", in line with the name agreement.

According to him, the term would be valid only following a constitutional revision and a referendum approval.

"This has been done because Macedonia is a multiethnic country that is home of the predominant Macedonian community, but also the Albanian, Turkish, Serbian, Vlach, Bosniak, Roma and other smaller communities," stressed Zaev.

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