Kacarska sends a message to Jankuloska: Don’t mess around with this court

Kacarska sends a message to Jankuloska: Don’t mess around with this court
As a woman and as a mother, I will be kind and I will allow the accused Gordana Jankuloska not to appear in court hearings for more than 45 days after delivery, but after August 29, no excuses, nor sick leave will be permitted.

Judge Dobrila Kacarska responded to former Interior Minister Jankuloska at yesterday's hearing on the case "Tank" to accusations that she mistreated her during the ninth month of pregnancy and forced her to go to trials.

Jankuloska did not come at the yesterday's hearing due to the high-risk pregnancy, but Kacarska told the defense and she told her: "Do not mess around with this court."

Kacarska scheduled the next hearing for June 29, and after Jankuloska’s delivery she scheduled another 24 hearings on this case, starting from August 29 to October 26. Although she thinks that the proceedings will be completed sooner, she has scheduled the hearings in order to have terms for trial.

Both the expertise of the Gynecology Clinic and Obstetrics confirmed that Jankuloska has a high-risk pregnancy, doctors recommend resting for her pregnancy to be safely completed.

The high-risk pregnancy was not challenged by the prosecutor of the Special Public Prosecution, Stevco Donev, nor the judge, but the prosecutor disputed her medical documentation that she filed for the hearing on June 1 when Jankuloska did not show.

The prosecutor's office checked whether Jankuloska got a physical examination on May 31, as her lawyer said, and the State Sanitary and Health Inspectorate confirmed their suspicions.

The inspectorate found that Jankuloska was not examined by her family doctor and both confirmations submitted by the defense from her family doctor were picked up by Jankuloska's husband, while the doctor issued them without examining her.

The inspectorate filed a misdemeanor report against the practice of the family doctor for the mismanagement of the registry. Meanwhile, at the request of the SPO, the Health Insurance Fund and the Doctors Chamber will examine whether the issued sick leave was legal.

"The defendant has previously submitted a medical certificate that she has a high-risk pregnancy and therefore asked the case to be separate, and still went to the trials for other cases, although she took sick leave," Donev said.

Jankuloska's defense for her yesterday's absence also referred to the opinion of Dr. Tatjana Gurzanova who was hired as a technical adviser, and who was a judicial expert in the field of gynecology and obstetrics. She advised Jankuloska to rest until the full 37th week of pregnancy, until June 15th.

Kacarska asked for an explanation in which gestational week is Jankuloska, since in the opinion of GAK delivered on June 6 it was stated that the former minister is 36 weeks and two days pregnant, which means she is already in the 37th week.

Lawyer Aleksic pointed out the addition of the medical consilium and the technical advisor in which it was determined that according to the parameters of the fetus, Jankuloska was pregnant on the 35th week and one day and therefore recommend resting until June 15th.

The defense considers that following the two identical opinions of doctors, any departure from the interpretations of doctors would be a violation of the rights of the defendant.

"There is the same opinion from two different institutions. For us, this means that there are the same statements from all the pleiading authorities. It is a high-risk  pregnancy and we consider that the patient's absence is justified and any other deviation and interpretation of these opinions would be contrary to the rights of the accused," said lawyer Boro Tasevski.

The procedure for the former minister for the luxury Mercedes was separated due to the high-risk pregnancy. For this case, Kacarska has already sentenced the other two suspects. Former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski was sentenced to two years in prison, while former assistant minister of Interior, Gjoko Popovski, was sentenced to nine years in prison.

After these two verdicts, Kacarska reported threats and the police determined 24-hour police protection.

Frosina Fakova-Serafinovic

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