Mediator Nimetz welcomes Skopje-Athens name agreement

Mediator Nimetz welcomes Skopje-Athens name agreement
The United Nations mediator in Greece-Macedonia name negotiations,   Matthew Nimetz, welcomed Tuesday  a deal reached between the Prime Ministers of both countries, calling it a mutually beneficial solution for the broader region.

‘I would like to congratulate the parties for reaching a successful conclusion to the talks and for resolving the difference between them. I am certain that the agreement will lead to a period of enhanced relations between the two neighbouring countries and especially between their people,’ Nimitz said in a written statement.

The UN envoy notified further that he was encouraged by the dedication of both governments to deliver mutual benefits for all their citizens through the establishment of a strategic partnership as a basis for intensified cooperation across all sectors.

‘Above all, I want to congratulate and commend the two Ministers of Foreign Affairs, (Nikola) Dimitrov and (Nikos) Kotzias, who have demonstrated leadership, vision and determination in the negotiating process and never faltered in their efforts to reach a mutually beneficial solution for their own nation but also for the broader region,’ Nimetz said.

Referring to his role in name talks, Nimetz said he was honored to have served as facilitator between the two parties and expressed his appreciation to the UN Secretary General for his unwavering support and great interest. He also mentioned his predecessor, the late Cyrus Vance, for his lasting contribution to peace in the region.

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