Zaev: Republic of North Macedonia - a name for the future

Zaev: Republic of North Macedonia - a name for the future
Republic of North Macedonia, used both internationally and bilaterally, which will be further regulated in line with an amendment to the Constitution, is the deal reached by Macedonia and Greece in the process of negotiations aimed to solve the name dispute.

This was announced Tuesday evening by Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, flanked by his ministers, while speaking at a news conference in the government.

Under the agreement, the Macedonian language will be affirmed in the United Nations - македонски, Macedonian, without a footnote. Also, its people will be known as Macedonians/citizens of the Republic of North Macedonia.

The deal, PM Zaev said, once and for all reaffirms and enhances the Macedonian ethnic and cultural identity, Macedonian language and Macedonian nationality. It also guarantees the security of the country and provides a safe future for the citizens.

According to him, the agreement will be presented to all political stakeholders in the country, signed by officials of the two governments, followed by ratification in Parliament.

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