We are suffocating, yet still drive diesel cars

We are suffocating, yet still drive diesel cars
Macedonian citizens should be encouraged to buy electric vehicles, not used cars or diesel. There are currently two million electric vehicles in the world, and by 2030 the number is expected to be up to 100 million. There are only 80 electric cars in the country, of which 47 are in Skopje, however, 54 percent of all vehicles use gasoline as fuel. These vehicles, along with the outdated way of heating homes and industry that do not use modern technologies, are the main causes of air pollution in the country. This was pointed out at yesterday's forum "Reduction of air pollution with electromobility", which was organized by the Delegation of the German economy in Macedonia.

In Macedonia, the mortality rate is above the European average. The reason for this is smoking, but also air pollution that does not affect the cardiovascular system in a good way. This is the occasion to discuss in what form we can accelerate development and reduce air pollution in the medium and long term," said Delegation Director Patrick Martens.

Vice Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Koco Angjusev sees the solution to reduce pollution in following the world trends, which is driving electric cars.

"We can not create trends, but we should be wise enough to reproduce them in our lives. It is necessary to take measures to stimulate citizens to buy electric vehicles, but also develop a network for charging electric vehicles. We do not need populist measures and allow imports of polluting vehicles, because it affects health," Angjusev said.

According to the government's transport strategy for the stimulation of electromobility, which is being prepared, all citizens who want to replace their old vehicles with an electric vehicle will receive government stimulation, for which will be spent 10 million euros in the medium-term plan.

The strategy envisions five million euros for financial support for the procurement of hybrid and electric vehicles in road public transport, one million euros for the implementation of transport standards related to environmental sustainability and climate change in accordance with the practices of the EU countries and EUR 100,000 for promotion of electric vehicles and improvements to regional public transport.

Deputy Minister of Environment Jani Makraduli appealed for the introduction of environmental taxes for polluting vehicles, but also the funds that will be used to stimulate the procurement of environmentally friendly vehicles, and not to cover other budget expenditures.

Skopje Mayor Petre Silegov stressed that the City of Skopje has five chargers for electric vehicles placed on public surfaces, and by the end of the year it is planned to increase the number of chargers up to 30. (S.N.)


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