Responding to pressures, blackmail and political terror with mass and courage!

Responding to pressures, blackmail and political terror with mass and courage!
After the mass gathering, popularly known as the rally of VMRO-DPMNE, they wrote and told a lot of analyzes, but I want to give my opinion from another angle. The rally is at the same time the finale of a process and the beginning of a new one. Finale of the process of restructuring of VMRO-DPMNE and the beginning of a process of strong battle and criticism of the government that should lead to its change in the following early or regular parliamentary elections. I say, early or regular because Zaev’s government immediately rushed to respond to the rally that it was not ready to accept the challenge for early parliamentary election along with the first round of the presidential elections, under the same conditions as they had in 2016.

This is the first big result of that rally - SDSM and Zaev clearly show that what they publicly criticized in the past are now perfected and increased by dozens of times. Without control of the police, the budget, the administration, farmers and various social categories do not want to vote. Because VMRO-DPMNE's request is clear, as SDSM according to the so-called Przino Agreement had ministers of internal and labor and social policy, and deputies with a veto power in finance, agriculture and administration, so we are now looking for the same thing in order to have the minimum guarantee that we will get fair elections. Someone will say, it was in time of crisis and demanded guarantees for the then opposition. I would say yes, but the same guarantees are needed now, because if we see the key areas, what Zaev does now in terms of abuses, is at least ten times higher than what he was criticizing as an opposition. In the judiciary he enjoys the unprincipled marriage in which he writes the verdicts, and the courts publish his verdicts. By the way, these are the same judges that he criticized, and for which he said that there would be a general re-election, which he forgot the first moment when that judiciary and prosecution were prepared to turn a blind eye, that is, not see what the whole public saw – asking for bribes for himself and his brother Viceto.

Furthermore, how can there be trust in a system in which the name of the Prime Minister's brother becomes synonymous with corruption and abuse of office and power. How can you trust when all media that are not close to the government are more likely to have control from the PRO and various other inspections than having guests on various social issues they need to report on. How can you have confidence when the police arrest without a warrant, without depriving MPs of their immunity, while the judiciary and the prosecutor's office, enjoying the same unprincipled marriage, disable the basic rights of women, or deprive the sick of their right to be treated. That is the truth about Macedonia and the attack on VMRO-DPMNE. That is the way the government and Zaev want to rule. Therefore, they are not ready for early elections with guaranteed fair conditions for VMRO-DPMNE and will therefore extend their mandate to the last day to use the power as much as it can be used. But then, the punishment of the people will be even greater. Let’s be clear, such opposition under such pressure has never existed in Macedonia. Unfortunately, the reaction of our friends from the international community, who, although they see everything and know everything, is in the hope of resolving the name issue with Greece, are ready to overlook Zaev’s deeds.

There are two more points that left a strong impression on the VMRO-DPMNE rally that is worth scrutinizing. Although many people came from all over Macedonia and from all age categories, the difference was made by Skopje and the young. Both Skopje and the youth have long been a symbol of VMRO-DPMNE's support, but, unfortunately due to wrong policies and insufficient attention in recent years, they have become leaders of the so-called Colorful Revolution, and a factor that helped SDSM to get closer to the parliamentary election in 2016 and win the local election in 2017.

The mass response to the rally in Skopje, as well as the youth from the whole country, shows that the time of sweet lies are over, that those who believed that "with the rule of Zaev and SDSM" will "reach the gates of heaven" were disappointed and saw his real face.

The same ones, like all the rest that came from all over Macedonia, as well as the many who wanted but did not come because they were afraid of the threats to their jobs, their existence or the future of their children, are clear that the time of sweet lies ended, and that pressure can not last forever.

It is now up to VMRO-DPMNE to channel that energy and with a good team, a solid program and a lot of courage and massiveness to oppose this power of Zaev, who, gambling with the national interests of Macedonia and the Macedonians, thinks he can rule with fear and terror. Those times have are long gone.

This summer we will see each other in many places throughout Macedonia, as well as autumn and winter, and we will talk about all this.

Aleksandar Nikoloski

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