Zaev – victim of his own actions

Zaev – victim of his own actions
Erol Rizaov

Year and a half after the elections, the government spent all loans and interest on its mistakes, and further justified it with the difficult legacy of its predecessors. The tendency of ever more frequent and ever more arrogant comparison of who was worse among the current and previous government officials and their misdeeds and decisions with catastrophic consequences has become particularly dangerous.

The public no longer accepts justifications of the type - What did the others do for 11 years in the era of Gruevism. They lost their power for what they did and did not do. Zoran Zaev's determination as leader of the opposition and his reluctance as prime minister is an incomprehensibly absurd situation that can very easily and quickly turn him from being the greatest winner into the greatest loser, from being a hero to a victim of his own actions, and therefore we are all victims of the collapse of the historical democratic revolution due to bizarre, dilettantism, voluntary government decisions, staff schemes for getting a comfortable position in the government and the immaturity of the prime minister.

If it turns out that in these past months the citizens of Macedonia had no idea what to do with freedom, it is even more evident that the government does not know what to do with its power, and with its constitutional competences and responsibilities. There are such looping and kamikaze falls every day coming from the white palace, from the ministries, from the municipalities... this not only loses the big picture for achieving the most important strategic interests and priorities of the Republic of Macedonia, but it is completely blurred, becoming less significant than hundreds of bizarre mistakes, ranging from the top of the government to incompetent individuals who found themselves in positions they did not know existed until recently. Macedonia enters a limbo-situation, neither there, nor here. Chess players say - in a position when there is no checkmate, but there is nowhere to move.

What we now call our everyday life, filled with scandals and dumb mistakes, and even dumber excuses, strongly weakens the positions of both the government and the prime minister before the public, even for the most important issues that determine the future of Macedonia and its inhabitants. The trust is lost due to omissions and mistakes, which become mainly a menu not only of the bazaar, but also of the wider and expert public, but also of all media without exception. Because it is an unbearable lightness of creating scandals with the election of 50 or 150 advisers, who, fortunately, do not advise anyone. If they actually start doing their jobs and their advices are actually accepted, the government will dismantle faster than their political opponents ever hoped for.

There are still reasons for the limbo-position of Macedonia. The opposition has no qualification of objectivity to criticize the authorities for the mistakes and failings. It has been compromised to the core and has not paid for its misdeeds. Someone that is waiting for court verdicts for their crimes and abuse of power has neither moral, nor right to criticize someone else. Even if they tried, the effect would be tragicomic.

At the moment, the media is the main positive force in the country. But only seemingly unique in condemning the mistakes of the authorities and abuse of the politicians’ positions at the top. Yesterday's apologists and media criminals and obedient servants prefer to be on court benches accused of complicity, rather than sharing lessons on honesty and government mistakes. Their criticisms are ridiculous in their attempts to present themselves as objective.

On the other hand, it is very sad when known and courageous critics of Gruevski's regime, demonized and accused of being foreign mercenaries, spies and snitches, now go to the same media and journalists that they systematically destroyed, to talk about the mistakes of this government and power. Very sad.

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