Angjusev: Textile exports at global markets through new measures

Angjusev: Textile exports at global markets through new measures
State of affairs and problems in textile and leather industries, and measures aimed at improving the business environment were in the focus of Sunday's meeting of Vice Premier for Economic Affairs Koco Angjusev with Textile Cluster president Marijana Perkovska and owner of textile company "Albatros", Vesna Miladinova.

Angjusev said there are numerous problems in the textile and leather industry, which should first be detected and then solved by the law that has already been adopted.

"I believe Macedonian businessmen will have to find new models of measures towards enabling the textile industry to compete at the global market, because the textile and leather industries are too big for distribution solely at the Macedonian market," stressed Angjusev.

According to him, the development of these industries requires the solution of several problems, the first being new machinery, followed by the rise of salaries, and qualified staff.

"We need to change the entire education process in Macedonia, not because of the textile and leather industry, but all industries. We need to give young people a predictable future. Today they are enrolling at the university without knowing what they will do in the future," added Angjusev.

Cluster president Perkovska voiced satisfaction from the cooperation with the Government in opening a dialogue towards solving problems.

"This is just the beginning and will help the textile industry a lot. Regarding the salaries, we need to find a model to increase them without that affecting our prices at foreign markets. This will result in keeping our employees but also attracting young people," said Perkovska.

Vice Premier Angjusev also met with the management of company "Aktiva", which operates in the construction sector and manufacturing of bus parts.

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