Venice to limit tourist numbers

Venice to limit tourist numbers

Venice has installed temporary gates at the ends of two bridges to keep tourists out if their numbers become overwhelming.

The measure has been brought in by the lagoon city for the four-day holiday weekend that finishes on 1 May. There are also various diversions in place to prevent the city from being overwhelmed during the popular break. Mayor Luigi Brugnaro said on Twitter: "People who want to come to Venezia are always important guests for us."

"My duty is to ensure the safety to visitors and locals, managing pedestrian traffic and water and, if needed, sorting flows of people.

Council employees are around the city to understand how we can improve to make Venice more and more welcoming and livable for the residents.

"We will try them all until we find a solution and we will not stop."

Venice has been a victim of its own popularity, with an onslaught of tourism that has clogged the city's narrow waterways and seen many of its residents depart.

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