The government will stimulate emigrants to invest in Macedonia

The government will stimulate emigrants to invest in Macedonia
The government will seek a way to attract emigrants to invest in Macedonia. In addition to being able to use the funds envisaged by the draft law on financial support of investments, additional motivation is planned which, as a modality, would be inserted either in that text of the law or in the plan for economic growth, said the Minister of Economy Kresnik Bektesi.

- We are working on how to implement the support for the citizens who work outside the country. We want to motivate them to return to Macedonia and open businesses here," Bektesi said after the meeting with members of the Economic Chamber of North-West Macedonia (ECNWM).

He appeals to the Parliament to pass the law on investment support as soon as possible after having passed the government's procedure on Tuesday.

- The law can be passed with 61 votes, but I call on all 120 deputies to support it - emphasized the minister.

The budget of the Ministry of Economy, added, is over 36 million denars, most of which are allocated to the Innovation Fund in order to support the companies. The businessmen welcomed the government's support measures and estimated that sufficient funds were planned if their distribution was correct and appropriate. It is very important, as the president of ECHNWM, Nebi Hoxha, said that the process should be transparent, to establish an authority that will monitor the implementation of the support and introduce sanctions for possible irregularities.

- The support of small and medium-sized enterprises is in the interest of the economy. But it is crucial that the laws for this category of firms and the procedures be simply applicable, to make it easier to apply for the funds, because small businesses do not have the capacity or experience in seeking development support - said Hoxha.

In particular, he pointed to the necessity of supporting companies in rural areas, as well as women entrepreneurs.

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