Manufacturing industry and construction increase production

Manufacturing industry and construction increase production
The construction and manufacturing industry is returning the country’s industry to stable paths. Production in January increased by 8.4 percent compared to January last year, according to the State Statistical Office. After the unstable movements in a slight positive and negative in December, January, it is optimistic that the factories will "work" this year. In the last month of last year, the industry fell by 2.6%, in November and October last year, it was in positive terms by 4.1% and 1.3%, while in September it was in the plus of 0.3%.

Observed by sectors, industrial production in the mining and quarrying sector in January this year, compared to January 2017, decreased by 0.3%, in the processing industry sector it increased by 16.9%, while in the sector electricity supply energy, gas, steam and air conditioning dropped by 28.4 percent.

"The increase in the processing industry sector is a result, above all, of the increased production of food products, beverages and textiles. Then on rubber products and plastic products, production of other non-metallic minerals, manufacture of fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipment, production of electrical equipment, production of machines and devices, not elsewhere specified, manufacture of motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers and furniture production," the State Statistical Office said.

Businessmen are refraining from the estimates, but say the situation is slowly stabilizing.

- The situation has somehow stabilized, the situation has improved with the banks. We started to get orders from abroad from us. There is an improvement in exports because some trust has been created with foreign partners. We hope that this will continue in the coming months - says Aco Antevski, chairman of the "Rade Koncar" factory.

According to statistics, according to industrial groups, production in January this year, compared to January last year, increased in intermediary products, except energy by 15.8%. Capital goods industries by 26.6%, durable consumer goods industries by 57.5% and non-durable consumer goods industries by 5.3%, while declining in energy by 26.1%.



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