Number of blocked accounts increased by 50 times in 10 years

Number of blocked accounts increased by 50 times in 10 years
In ten years, the number of blocked accounts of citizens has increased by fifty times, and the blocked companies have doubled. This is shown in the analysis of the National Bank's data on the payment statistics, according to which in the previous year in December the accounts of 80,462 citizens and half of the economy, ie 30,265 firms, were blocked.

The NBM data show that the numbers of blocked accounts are much higher because, when it comes to blockage, multiple accounts of one person or company are blocked in several banks. Thus, the total number of blocked transaction accounts as of December last year was 188,500 for individuals, as well as 45,431 legal entities.

If we compare, however, the situation with the blockades of ten years ago, the growth of the blocked transactions both among the citizens and the companies is several times. But for citizens, 50 times, and for firms twice. The numbers show that in December 2008, only 1,620 citizens had blocked accounts, unlike last year, when that number is 80,462. In the case of companies, if in December 2008 the number of blocked accounts was 14,215, it increased twice in the decade and in December last year it was 30,265.

The trend of drastic growth of blockades among citizens is constant, but it is starting to increase dramatically since 2013 when the number of blocked accounts of citizens is 40,969, and for companies 41,069. Although this figure varies in December last year to 30,265, the citizens doubled to 80,462 in December last year.

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