Moving forward or going round in circles

Moving forward or going round in circles
Erol Rizaov

Today’s issue of “Nezavisen/Independent” comes out exactly one year since the extraordinary general election that brought change in government after 11 years of autocratic system, which marked an era of corrupted regime and fearsome government with catastrophic consequences and a tragic lag in all spheres of social development. Nikola Gruevski's departure after 20 years in politics and the one-year-old government is a good reason to evaluate the new start of the country. Are all those big hopes finally realized, or are we facing another disappointment in the long and dark Macedonian transition? Are we moving forward in the right direction or going round in circles.

The most experienced answer to these questions would be: all comparison is inappropriate, positive changes are great and significant, but still below expectations. Gruevski’s departure is a triumph of democracy, a great deed, by perhaps the politics and readiness for decontamination and de-radicalization of his successor in VMRO-DPMNE will be even more significant.

It is a public opinion that the government spends too much time on what was, instead of what will be. I’m not saying that crime should be forgotten, criminals should never be pardoned, no matter what. But, it’s time that crimes of the ones before them should be left completely to the institutions of the system that will give them impartial trials, according to the law, and the new government should be careful not to repeat the same mistakes. The public eye and the media are much more focused, and the high sensitivity of the governmental misuse is getting more hopeful as well, especially the fast-moving corruption, and this implies that Macedonia formed a decent critical group of people that will react to every overstep of authorization and manipulation with the people’s money.

The most influential Macedonian media and journalists, who played a significant role in the overthrow of Gruevski’s regime and his closest collaborators, are continuing their professional work with unchanged energy to mark all errors, and this is definitely creating a climate for efficient prevention that, if properly understood, will help in establishing responsible journalism based on facts and data that are easily attainable. The government that was established on people’s dissatisfaction, revolt, desire for freedom and the international support after the violent drama on April 27 in the Macedonian Assembly, takes every opportunity to stress that it has been only six months since they took over all constitutional authorities and responsibilities, and, probably in lack of confidence, points out that historical moves have been made in the shortest time possible. Regardless of the undeniable fact that the previous government hindered the elected majority in credible elections to constitute the parliament and the government, however, looking at the calendar, it has been one year since the election.

The government is already being warned and aware of the time factor. They don’t have eleven, eight or four years to show results. The new 2018 ahead should be a crucial year. It's the year of great solutions and decisions. If they miss this year, then they will miss the train to change.

We learned by experience whether they have done a lot or nothing at all, there are many standards. One propagandist and populist standard that went on and on about success and world achievements 24/7. The second standard, about the doctrine of the conspiracy of the great powers and the domestic enemies and traitors who want to destroy Macedonia. The third, about the fantastic Olympic discipline that works great on the Balkans, when you have great excuses for all failures and mistakes. There is always someone else to blame. In such an invasion of great lies and misconceptions, we have forgotten the true measure of a successful government. It consists of solutions. So there are no excuses, but solutions. The right standard that we need to have for this and every other government is a better and happier life for the citizens. The best measuring, approved by Brussels, is the measuring of speed of moving towards Europe, the membership in the EU and NATO is the greatest strategic goal of the country, which solves all other issues about the stability and security for a better life.

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