Baily making trouble

Baily making trouble
Erol Rizaov

US Ambassador Jess Baily has created problems for us once again. Why did he have to talk corruption in front of students, giving concrete examples. He created a lot of work for us.He could have bored the future policemen and chiefs with theories about the harm of corruption and bribery, just like our wise and educated professors usually do, until they fall asleep in the process of facing reality when they start their jobs.

Baily asked one very delicate question: When the members of the State Election Commission gave themselves bonuses of several salaries for their additional work during the election, even if it’s right and legal, does the fight against corruption is brought in question, since the decision for this was made behind closed doors. And, of course, when Baily asks a question, even if it’s a question to students, it results in media explosion, an exclusive story for the main news and headlines. Instantly, holes from the missing reporter investigations were filled, the State Election Commission came out with a statement of regret and promised to return the money. What can I say, a wonderful flow of reaction and constructive criticism.

I would like to ask the US Ambassador Jess Baily to give a lecture in front of future doctors and pharmacists at the Medical faculty on the topic of death trafficking in Macedonia. How was forged medication imported in the country, poisoning citizens and children with dangerous pills in an uncontrolled parallel import. Don Doncev’s public appearances, who is the director of the Health Fund, the person that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up, and the horror reporter investigations, didn’t scare our dealers of suspicious medication, as the members of SEC were about their bonuses. We are talking about professionals who take hundreds of millions Euros annually without even blinking an eye, and not some cheap amateurs that scraped small change from the budget of couple thousand Euros per person in SEC.

Apparently, the only ones upset from the medicine trade were the patients and their loved ones. The “healthy”ones kept quiet. I don’t know if the authorized institutions, the government, the police or the prosecution are taking any measures, but obviously they are more upset about who is going to be the next Minister of Health, than who is poisoning and stealing billions of denars from the citizens. The medication traders said that the lobbying for a new Minister of Health has come to a boiling point. If Ambassador Baily reveals these things, the media avalanche will start coming down, and even some of the authorized institutions will be bothered by it and start working on one of the biggest and darkest corruption and crime in the country in the past few years. The country spends hundreds of millions Euros a year importing medication, while the director of the Fond, Doncev, said that there are many issues on how the money was spent and the quality of medicinal products. Horrible. Robert Bekiroski, the director of the Medicines Agency said: “In December 2016, 28 suspicious original packages with children’s medicine were discovered. The suspicious packages were discovered, but not who made them or what are the consequences.

In the past, there was an unwritten rule in the Macedonian journalism, just like anywhere in the world. Whenever a medium published an exclusive information, all others started their own investigations that created the necessary ambiance to get to the truth. It didn’t matter when some media blew the information out of proportion, or if it’s not entirely true. This only strengthened the preventive role of the media in the public, especially in cases where human health is at stake. Unfortunately, in recent years, the media don’t show such interest in researching these raised topics. What do you think, what effect would have had this information on the salaries in SEC if it was published by a source by a medium in Macedonia, and not Ambassador Baily? No effect whatsoever, I can assure you. A little gibberish on the social media, a couple of comments, praises and curses, and that would be it. Everyone would go on with their life. Or maybe, in the best-case scenario, they will raise dust as much as there was for the shocking investigation of my colleagues from “Focus” about the death trade with Macedonian parallel import of medicine.

Mr.Baily, give another lecture at the Macedonian faculties, so we can get things going.

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