Businessmen do not accept changes in personal tax for the rich

Businessmen do not accept changes in personal tax for the rich
We don’t want changes in the personal income tax and no changes in the capital gains tax, demanded the businessmen from Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and Finance Minister Dragan Tevdovski.

- It's best not to change. Arguments are that the average ones are rewarded, and the business and successful individuals are moving out, especially the freelancers, the money is located abroad, there is an outflow of staff and the tax evasion will increase, the Association said at yesterday's debate.

Marijana Andrikj pointed out that the personal tax rate was not changed and ordered to go in a different direction, and not to count the 60,000 MKD threshold for luxury above which the higher rate would be charged.

According to Petar Andreevski from the Association, there aren’t many rich people in Macedonia, but he thinks that such an opportunity should be given. Prime Minister Zaev and Finance Minister Tevdovski said that there should be changes in taxation in Macedonia in order to have a fair society.

- Macedonia has one of the highest rates of inequality in income in Europe - said Tevdovski. Our equitable taxation solutions are moderate. We are talking about introducing tax rates that will occupy two percent of the citizens, for everyone else the rate of taxation remains at 10 percent, said Tevdovski.

According to him, tax changes should go along with improving the efficiency of the institutions. We will not hurry with these reforms, Prime Minister Zaev said, pointing out that the focus is now on improving the collection and reducing the tax evasion, which in VAT is 30 percent. As he pointed out, the reforms’ goal is to make society more equal.

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