Don’t scream, patriots! The court is in session

Don’t scream, patriots! The court is in session
Erol Rizaov

A traitor and a freak, probably a foreign mercenary as well, posted an announcement at the door of one of the units in Skopje. He wrote: Don’t scream for nothing, Patriots! The court is in session. There are no more orders.

While the security guards were removing this message from the door, my informant approached me and said: Follow me and listen to what I’m saying. Act as if we are not together.  All right, I said, just speak a little louder, I can’t hear well. The informant went straight to the point: No one with insufficient evidence for the crimes in the Parliament on April 27 will be sentenced. There will be no innocent people in prison. I think I heard him say that he gave the same message to Zoran Zaev, Nikola Gruevski and President Gjorge Ivanov. I definitely heard those three names. At first, Gruevski was calm, but a few minutes later he asked in disbelief: “No one will go to jail?! “Yes”, one of the most important persons from the judiciary said, “You can rest assured that, if there’s no evidence, no innocent people will go to prison”… “Does that mean there are guilty people that are going to be sentenced for their patriotism?!” asked Gruevski again in disbelief. “We cannot answer that right now, said the ‘judge’, “To us, everyone is innocent until proven guilty”. If their guilt is proven and if there is evidence, then there will be sentencing according to Law. “You are going to sentence patriots just because they love their country, shame on you!” screamed Gruevski. “We, too, don’t like sentencing patriots and innocent people”, my informant replied. Enough with those shameful verdicts, that time is over. Anyone that committed a crime, and there’s evidence for it, will be punished.

I could not believe my ears, but I can assure you – this is what I heard in my morning conversation on the parking lot of the Court. And to be honest, I’m surprised by the screaming, of all those innocent people, patriots, artists, actors, policemen that spent their lives chasing after criminals, who know that there is no proof for their deeds, will be sentenced by the military gang just because they are party members of VMRO and love their country unconditionally.

That’s why it’s important that Mihajlo Manevski, the creator of the judiciary system that functioned flawlessly, goes from one TV station to another and explain, as an expert lawyer and designated fireman, what a terrorist attack on the Parliament means. That would be when there are explosions, when there are casualties, when there’s shooting and death. What happened on April 27 was basically nothing. A couple hundred people entered the Assembly, upset from the shift in power after the election, and, as people who love their country, wanted to stop this treason. Nothing else. Why would these people be guilty if no one stopped them in their heroic act, and were actually encouraged when the doors of the Assembly were opened, while the police did nothing to intervene. All of these people, according to Manevski, should be awarded for being accomplices in a coup organized to stop traitors and enemies from coming to power. What happened on April 27 was not threatening the constitutional order, said Manevski. The beating of MPs from the majority that wanted to take over power and have a parliament session is not a crime for which respected citizens, artists, actors, policemen, former ministers with families and children, should be charged in court. All of this is political revanchism against the people that did not support the Tirana Agreement, they want to imprison patriots, the ones who demand release of the murderers at lake Smilkovsko, these are protectors of terrorists that killed eight policemen at Divo Naselje in Kumanovo, this is Zoran Zaev’s regime.

Basically, Mihajlo Manevski managed to prove that, while VMRO-DPMNE was in power, when the police and judges arrested there was democracy, law and order in the country. And now, when the same policemen and judges do the same and arrest members of the opposition party, it is imprisonment of their own people, political revanchism, revenge of the gang, and Macedonia is a captured country.

Mihajlo Manevski will have think again whether what we see and hear is a result of his judicial reform, or he himself is the result of the Macedonian judiciary that was taken away from him.

Personally, I think it’s either one or the other, but there is a third option: the judges already took matters in their own hands. This seems to be Manevski’s biggest problem.

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