Freedom for the eternally travelling MP

Freedom for the eternally travelling MP
Erol Rizaov

The Special Public Prosecutor’s Office should stop the legal process against the MP that drove 235.000 kilometers and six times around the world, the entire Planet Earth, on her way to parliamentary sessions in Macedonia, a country you can drive through in same the time you need for one coffee cup and two cigarettes. For her trouble, this Member of Parliament in her few mandates, received refunds worth only 100.000 euros. This disgrace is a deserved punishment for all citizens of Macedonia on how big egoists we have turned out for paying so little for the great work our MP has done, driving constantly for years and made her an invalid. Poor thing, she probably forgot how to walk.

All free-minded people and patriots, university and high school students who love their country should go out on the streets and block all courts and prosecution offices, in defense of the Member of Parliament who drove the entire country six times on the road around the world. At the moment when the MP was preparing to take us all to Mars and to haul us into space, the Special Prosecutor's office, the foreign hostile installation pursued by the greatest Macedonian patriots, made us a new great injustice and not let us fly into the cosmos forever.

We need to protest every day and free the MP from all allegations, so that the world cannot find out how stupid we have been for years and years. The world's biggest con-men, starting with the one who sold the Big Ben and the Royal Buckingham Palace in London, the one who sold the Bosphorus bridge, the one who sold the Panama Canal, the one who sold the Eiffel Tower along with the subway in Paris, gathered the sympathy of the world and the citizens of their countries because they have proved how stupid people can be in countries where such spectacular ventures can be made.  Our MP is entering the playoffs of the world's con-men, for passing 235,000 kilometers in a land of 200 kilometers and charged the state treasury 100,000 euros. She is actually a world champion, bigger than all the remaining “Ostap Benders”, because they performed their operations in short time and in different places. Our Champion, by holding speeches in the Parliament and all the televisions to the eyes of all citizens constantly fooled the same people, for years, and in the same place. So far, this kind of con has not been registered in the world, carried out in direct transmission to the whole nation among prosecutors, courts, police, parliament, presidents, prime ministers, ministers and two million sheep that bleated in front of a slaughterhouse.

I would ask the President of the country, if the protests for freedom of the MP fail, to urgently declare an abolition for the lady who is unjustly accused for political reasons. It is universally acceptable for the president to award our parliamentary representative in his own style for the merits of "Golden Wreath", with the highest recognition that is awarded for the greatest achievements in affirmation of the country, at home and in the world. Such an act can only be done by a great hero and patriot, but also we should never forget the merits of a large number of Macedonian activists who have helped and created a favorable environment for achieving such acts that all world-famous gangsters of the highest rank should envious.

The Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia should also commemorate this undertaking with a solemn session and with a public apology, although all those who knew about the success of the MP deported that high-altitude, envying her virtuosity at the same time in several places. It's possible when you have a vehicle that is actually a time machine and you can be present at different places at any time.

This is a good lesson not to take to court, annoy and mistreat a number of Macedonian patriots and meritorious citizens who sacrificed themselves for the good of their people and created a collective euthanasia by sucking the citizens’ blood like ticks, leeches and other parasites. All court proceedings against all of them should be stopped immediately, because it is really unjust for them to be convicted when most of the accomplices of the general public robbery remain at large. How can any of them be condemned when hundreds of people in authorized institutions knew about their work and kept quiet about it? There are crimes for which everyone in the country knows, for which there is evident evidence and witnesses, but there are still no actions. What can I say – When they are fooling us like this, let them fool us.

Freedom for all criminals under the protection of the people and the country. So, what we need is a public apology that they are not terrorists. I’ll be waiting for you tonight , let’s go block traffic together and fool everyone.

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