Dutch Foreign Minister: Skopje and Tirana should be assessed independently

Dutch Foreign Minister Stef Blok said that Skopje and Tirana should be assessed independently when it comes to opening EU accession talks.

“I believe that North Macedonia and Albania should be assessed independently because they are different countries with different problems and different degrees of progress. I’ve also indicated earlier that I think the rate of progress in North Macedonia is clearly greater than that in Albania,” Dutch FM Blok told a session of the European Affairs Committee, Tirana’s Top Channel TV reports.

According to Blok, Albania is a different case when compared to North Macedonia.

“Albania should be able to start negotiations as soon as it meets the criteria. That is not yet the case,” Blok said.

FM Blok noted that his country’s position had remained the same that there wouldn’t be negotiations with Albania unless requirements from June 2018 were met, which meant that the Netherlands would “veto Albania on October 18, regardless of the decision of the German Bundestag.