Dutch ambassador says two textile companies in Stip to enlarge production

Stip, 11 January 2018 – Two Dutch textile companies operating in Stip will enlarge their production and increase the number of employees, one of which aiming to manufacture branded products, thus increasing the products’ value but also the workers’ labor, said Wouter Plomp, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, on Thursday.

Seven Dutch textile companies are currently operating in the Stip area.

Ambassador Plomp said EMT company would increase the number of employees by 65 in the first stage and 100 in the second.

Stip Mayor Blagoj Bocvarski said the output increase is good news, resulting in the opening of new jobs.

“This is fresh capital pumped into Stip municipality and we will continue to secure favorable environment for domestic and foreign companies”, said Bocvarski.