Durlovski: I don’t want amnesty, I will take my chances

Opera singer Igor Durlovski will not seek amnesty for the events on April 27th 2017. On his Facebook profile, he announced that he would continue to fight to prove his innocence for the offense he was being tried.

“Each fight carries its own risk, and with this procedure I put the risk of both mine and the lives of my closest, but I am convinced that they understand why this is important, to fight for our principles, for justice, consistently and courageously. I hope that with this decision I will take away the ability of politics to place itself above equity and the judiciary. In my own name and in the name of my friends from “United Macedonia” and thousands of honest and peaceful citizens who filled the streets with love for their homeland. I rule out the possibility of being part of selective justice and further intrigue by hiding behind the veil of your political “reconciliation”. True reconciliation can be achieved only with justice, honor, and morality. My heart stays pure and filled with love for my homeland, faith in God and hope for a better future for all of us, ” Durlovski wrote.