Deskoska: No two-thirds majority in Parliament yet on public prosecution law

Adoption of a public prosecution law will be one of the key moments playing a decisive role regarding the decision of the opening of EU negotiations, having in mind the recommendations of the international community, most notably the EU, Renata Deskoska said on Thursday.
“I believe that all political parties that champion the opening of negotiations should bear that in mind, also being aware that, ultimately, everything we do would be in vain unless they endorse the Law on the Public Prosecution,” the Justice Minister told reporters before an event in Skopje.
The EU, Minister Deskoska added, has provided clear guidelines about the law’s texts.
According to Deskoska, a two-third majority in Parliament is yet to be secured for the law, which was drafted by the Ministry of Justice after consulting with foreign experts.
“It includes a solution envisaging a quality public prosecution system in which the Special Public Prosecution will play a vital role in prosecuting high-ranking corruption and ensuring that all cases launched by the SPO will be resumed,” she stated, adding: The text drafted by the Ministry of Justice contains these provisions and has been forwarded to the lawmakers, who should muster a two-third majority.
Deskoska elaborated that it is a law that regulates the Public Prosecution alongside the SPO.
“The SPO is distinguished from the other prosecution offices, in particular from the prosecution on organized crime, after we have focused its authorization to prosecute high corruption,” said Justice Minister Deskoska.