Deskoska: Differences between government and opposition on the SPO law remain

  • The key differences between the ruling authorities and the opposition on law on public prosecutor’s office, which is to solve the future status of the Special Prosecutor’s Office (SPO), remain, said Justice Minister Renata Treneska – Deskoska.

“The key differences refer to the continuation of the trial proceedings initiated by SPO, the use of the evidence gathered in those proceedings and ultimately the completion of the proceedings in order to obtain justice in this country,” Deskoska told reporters after today’s European Mediation Conference held in Skopje.

She also mentioned that latest documents submitted by the VMRO-DPMNE working group did not contain acceptable solutions.

“There was nothing that could be a common solution to this open issue. The submitted documents did not correspond to a solution that could be put into law,” said Minister Deskoska.