Deputy Minister and Mayor, and still seek help

Deputy Minister of Education Petar Atanasov and Mayor of Centar Municipality Sasa Bogdanovic yesterday argued on Facebook about the new construction in Debar Maalo, which has surpassed all urban horrors so far – not only is it built to the very edge of the street, but its construction is hanging on it, as for the pavement, it’s as if it doesn’t exist. After the protest of the citizens from the municipality, the deputy minister asked for help from the institutions to determine who gave permission for such a construction, when and whether it is being built according to the determined regulations. In doing so, he also commented on the mayor’s moratorium by saying – “What moratorium, complete nonsense!”

“On the Blagoj Davkov street in Debar Maalo, over 50 citizens gathered in protest of the new construction that violated many visible and invisible laws and regulations. For two months now, an investor is building a residential building, but also destroys a large part of the street (full-length holes), which is used daily by hundreds of citizens who live there, or are just passing by. At the same time, a part of the new building is hanging a few meters above the street, at a height of not more than three meters. Pavement… There isn’t one?!?!?! Also, the construction site is constantly unprotected and unsecured, thus endangering the lives of residents of nearby buildings,” Atanasov wrote. According to him, the citizens blocked the construction of the building with their vehicles, and there was an intervention by a team from the Ministry of Interior, which helped calm the tension.

“Citizens have collected a large number of signatures and will probably send complaints to several institutions for their protection. I (we) ask the institutions ex officio (after receiving both information and attached images) to reconsider the case, to stop the construction and to determine who requested, what they requested, who approved, what they approved, who paid and whom they paid for this building: Building inspection in the Municipality of Centar, Anti-Corruption Commission, Primary Public Prosecutor’s Office, etc.,” wrote the deputy minister.

Centar Mayor Bogdanovic responded to the deputy mayor’s reaction, who is the only one who tried to stop the urban mafia.

According to him, the procedure for construction of the disputed building started in 2017, according to the Detailed Urban Plan (DUP) adopted in 2012.
“The moratorium began on 27.12.2017 for all new procedures. The aim of the moratorium is to remove all flaws that exist in the old plans in force, and with this moratorium initiating new administrative approvals procedures were prevented. The procedure for the stated object is from the beginning of 2017. If the moratorium stays, there will be plenty of room for such deficiencies to be removed from the DUP,” claimed Bogdanovic.

This building in Debar Maalo created tension and anger among citizens in the past few days because it is beyond all achievements of the urban mafia in Skopje so far. The anger erupted after the Constitutional Court ruled to abolish Bogdanovic’s moratorium until its legality proven. The decision was received with anger in the entire public, which is still waiting for the end to uncontrolled construction in Skopje.