Defense to appeal detention order for former UBK director Mijalkov

The defense of the ex-secret police head, Saso Mijalkov, who was detained late on Tuesday, said it would file an appeal by the end of the day.

To order detention is unheard of without the defendant being summoned and questioned, Mijalkov’s lawyers claim.

“The Law on Criminal Procedure stipulates that every individual should be summoned and questioned and a detention should be ordered after they have given a statement,” Antonio Apostolski, one of his defense lawyers, told reporters.

He said Mijalkov had been detained because he was considered ‘a flight risk’.

Earlier in the day, the trial of 11 people, including Mijalkov, accused for their involvement in illegal interception of communications was postponed for December 4.

The court postponed the trial because of the short period of time to file a request for a police escort of the former UBK chief from jail.

In addition to Mijalkov, 10 other people have been indicted by the Special Public Prosecution (SPO) in their case codenamed “Target-Fortress’, including former interior minister Gordana Jankuloska, two former high UBK officials, Goran Grujevski and Nikola Boskoski, who are now in detention in Greece, the head of Mijalkov’s cabinet, Toni Jakimovski.