Court promises to quickly reveal the truth about the ‘Monster’ case

“Your Honor, we can no longer stand this. This is a neverending agony,” the parents of the killed boys at Smilkovo Lake stated after the Skopje Criminal Court yet again postponed the hearing of the ‘Monster’ case. Attorney Naser Raufi confirmed that his client Fejzi Aziri was admitted to the Department of Pulmonology at the Skopje Clinical Center, which angered prosecutor Fatime Fetai, who asked for complete medical documentation as evidence, and not just a piece of paper for hospitalization. Judge Ognen Stavrev promised to personally check what it, but the trial was, however, postponed for May 15.

On behalf of the court, I can promise you that we will come to the truth, I just ask of you to be patient, and I hope that it will go quickly,” Judge Stavrev said.
“How fast is that? A decade, two? It has been six years since, and we see  that it all depends on who is in power,” the parents replied.

The case is now in the hands of the Special Public Prosecutor’s Office, which says that it is ready to conduct the procedure. The defendants Agim Ismailovic, Haki Aziri and Sami Ljuta were present in the court, while Alil Demiri and Afrim Ismailovic remain inaccessible.
“The case is too serious to be dragged on with such hospitalization notes,” Fetai said. Raufi was tried to explain that he could not own medical documentation, and that it was his first time to postpone a court hearing.

Just when the court was preparing to adjourn the case, the parents of the killed boys reacted, and asked to approach the court and the journalists who reported on the process.

“We ask the court and the prosecution to determine the role of the defendants, whether they are related to the case as direct perpetrators or helpers, to determine the nature of the contacts and messages of the five DUI officials, that is, the transcripts of numbers classified as state secrets reveal the identity of both N.N. persons indicated by a protected witness, whose voices are heard in the conversations, but are not covered in the investigation. Our children were killed on Thursday night, they were brought to us on Friday afternoon and their eyes were open. By Saturday, when we buried them, tears flowed all over their faces. All those who manipulate with their deaths, with us and with our fates, let them be afraid of those tears,” said Zorica Nakjevska.

Her husband Goran asked to make a statement under his full moral and criminal responsibility. He reminded that when he was with Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, he promised them to give the names of the five DUI officials he had in the “bombs” and which were supposedly related to the death of their children.

“However, DUI then was a political opponent. He showed us transcripts of conversation between DUI Vice President Nevzat Bejta and defendant Fejzi Aziri. Last year, when the court annulled the first-instance verdict, our wives demanded and had another meeting with Zaev. But, then he told them that he should not give them the transcripts because they were state secret and he would commit a crime, but he told them that they were free to photograph them. We believe that the evidence is at the headquarters of SDSM, we ask the court to issue a search warrant and provide the transcripts. Revered Prime Minister Zaev manipulates and blackmails with the evidence. If you think that we are lying and making this up, invite him to come to court, if you want you can bring him carefully, we are here and we will wait as much as we need to in order to face him, “Goran Nakjevski stated and demanded everything that he said to be included in the official minutes.
He also denied the allegations that the vehicle carrying the perpetrators (“Opel Omega”) is owned by the “alpha” policemen, shouting that if at least one member of the ‘alpha’, including fifty Albanians who are part of the unit, testified that he had ever been ridden in that car, will request that the trial be terminated.
“I have two first cousins ​​and three neighbors in the ‘alpha’ police unit, they guarantee that the vehicle found is not on their unit,” concluded Nakjevski.

‘Nezavisen/Independent’ contacted Nevzat Bejta, who briefly told us that he was out of the country and hung up after we told him the reason we called.
The massacre near Smilkovo Lake occurred on April 12, 2012, on Good Thursday, before the great Christian holiday Easter, when Kire Trickovski, Filip Slavkovski, Cvetancho Ackovski, Aleksandar Nakevski and Borce Stefanovski were murdered.,The “Monster” case was opened for the five-time murder, and Alil Demiri, Afrim and Agim Ismailovic and Ezim and Haki Aziri and Sami Ljuta were sentenced to life in prison.

The Supreme Court overturned the verdicts last year in December, releasing the convicted Agim Ismailovic, Haki Aziri, Sami Ljuta and Fejzi Aziri from detention, and ordered precautionary measures. Alil Demiri and Afrim Ismailovic are still inaccessible to the court, therefore an international warrant has been issued for their arrest.