Court orders 30-day detention of 13 people, 6 are put under house arrest over Parliament violence

A Skopje court has ordered thirteen 30-day detentions and 6 house arrests for 24 people, who were arrested yesterday for being suspected of ‘terrorist enlargement of the constitutional order and security of the country’ regarding their involvement in the violent events in April in Parliament.

“Acting upon a motion of the Basic Public Prosecution in charge of prosecuting organized crime and corruption on ordering detention, 24 people were brought before a pre-trial judge at the Basic Court Skopje I… A decision has been made to put 13 people in detention lasting 30 days,” the Criminal Court said Wednesday.

The court also ordered to put 6 people under house arrest.

The MPs arrested yesterday have left the court overnight. The Parliament is yet to decide whether they should be stripped of their parliamentary immunity after the court has sent such a request.