Court bans Stojan Andov’s book

In his book, Andov implies Ljubomir Frckoski’s involvement in Kiro Gligorov’s assassination attempt

Former Parliament Speaker Stojan Andov was surprised by the decision of the Basic Court Skopje 2, according to which the sale of his book “To the Assassination and After It” is temporarily banned.
Andov in the book implies the involvement of Ljubomir Frckoski in the assassination attempt of former President Kiro Gligorov. Professor Frckoski recently filed a lawsuit for defamation and insult.
– This is unbelievable. I heard from the media that the book was banned from sale on the orders of the court. This has never happened here before, this is absurd. All kinds of books are being sold here, and they choose to ban mine. I don’t know what else to say except that it is a great precedent and nonsense, Andov said in a statement for Focus.
The court decision applies to all who sell the book, have at their disposal and offer it for use, such as libraries, bookstores, publishing houses, etc.