Conway-Mouret: France will give the green light for North Macedonia’s NATO membership

 We understand that the signal that was given was very negative and we do not want this to cause a reaction against France and its position, but this message should not be perceived as a negative action towards Macedonia. France believes that all countries of the region are part of the European continent, but it is necessary for the EU reform on the inside, says Vice-President of the French Senate Hélène Conway-Mouret in an interview with Macedonian news agency MIA.

“It is not a veto or rejection by France, because Paris does not want to block the process. The negative decision on the issue was because maybe the present EU is not prepared to accept new member-states and it is necessary to see certain criteria that would help this process,” says Conway-Mouret while elaborating the failure of the European Council to decide on giving a date for the start of EU accession negotiations with North Macedonia and Albania.

“What I can say is that there is a need for urgency, an issue that the executive in France is well aware of, in order to make progress as soon as possible and clarify what is expected of North Macedonia and Albania,” adds Conway-Mouret.

According to her, ratification of North Macedonia’s NATO Accession Protocol in the French National Assembly, following its endorsement by the Senate, would depend on the institution’s agenda. However, she adds, this will occur shortly and without any problems.

“I cannot confirm whether this is going to happen before the NATO summit in London. I can only say that the vote in the National Assembly will not encounter any problems,” notes Conway-Mouret.