Carovska: New law improves protection against discrimination

To expand grounds of discrimination, to improve and to professionalize the Committee for Protection against Discrimination, to include sexual orientation and gender identity as grounds for discrimination, to recognize segregation as new form of discrimination, to increase penalties, etc, is foreseen in the new draft-law on protection against discrimination.

The bill was passed by the government at a session before it is considered in a parliamentary procedure.

The law allows a group of citizens to file discrimination lawsuit in cases of public interest and it exempts the citizens suing for discrimination from paying court fees, Minister of Labor and Social Policy Mila Carovska told a news conference on Monday.

“By introducing these novelties, we are aligning with the international standards, adopted by the UN and the EU, and our citizens will be provided with adequate legal protection, which paves the way for a society in which diversity is fostered,” Minister Carovska said.

Under the new law, criteria for the election of members of the Committee are strengthened, including partisan independence and professional engagement.