Boskoski: The Law on languages is not the end of Macedonia

_”The law on the use of languages is not the end of Macedonia”, says former Interior Minister Ljube Boskoski in a statement for “Nezavisen/Independent”. According to him, Macedonia’s fate was determined back in 2001 with the signing of the Framework agreement, and he does not understand the drama that is happening around the adoption of the Law in the Assembly.

“The problem is that the Macedonian parties, contrary to the Albanian, have no clear national strategy for state interests. The party that is now in the opposition is acting patriotism and accuses the government of treason. The young man that acted furiously a few days ago, was not that concerned about national interests in the previous years, as we all witnessed. The Language Law does not interfere with the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia, neither in the domestic, nor the foreign plan. At this point, the Prime Minister Zoran Zaev needs support, because all the moves he is pulling are not in his own interest, but for the benefit of the state, for the state’s existence, and this is possible only through NATO membership,” Boskoski concluded.