Bazdnikin: We have not interfered in the country’s internal affairs

Russian Ambassador Sergey Bazdnikin extended Thursday condolences for the victims of Wednesday’s bus accident in the opening remarks at the event on the 25th anniversary from the establishment of diplomatic ties between the Russian Federation and the Republic of North Macedonia.
Speaking in Macedonian, Ambassador Bazdnikin said the history of relations between the two countries and nations has ages-long roots.
“We can be very proud when looking back to the recent past. A number of plans and projects have already been realized. Maybe we could have done more in certain aspects, but we have never imposed anything and have not interfered in the internal affairs or intend to do so in the future,” said Bazdnikin.
The ambassador noted that the potential of bilateral cooperation is enormous.
“Russia wants further enhancement of cooperation with Macedonia, as close and intensive as the country is prepared for. I am convinced that the development of bilateral relations will correspond to the expectations of our people in the interest of peace, security and stability on the Balkans and Europe,” said the Russian ambassador.
Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov, who did not attend the event due to the fatal bus accident, send a message that reminds on the date of the establishment of bilateral ties – 31 January 1994.
“This act of friendly Russia that supported our right for self-determination and independence will remain forever engraved in our national memory. Since, friendly relations have developed in the right direction, especially when it comes to economy, culture and education,” read the note.
FM Dimitrov says the world is, unfortunately, faced with new challenges and many unknowns.
“The threat to world peace and stability are continually present and the international community needs to be vigilant. We share the concern for global and regional problems. Despite our occasional difference in the analyses and approach to the solution of the problems, there is a common need to leave a safer and better world to our children. In these time of difficulty we need to be patient in finding those common foundations that bring the humanity together. Republic of North Macedonia and the Russian Federation, the Macedonian and the Russian people will continue on that road in the future, relying on wisdom, patience and traditional friendship,” says Dimitrov.
An exhibit opened in the hall of the Macedonian Philharmonic, focusing on the history of Russian-Macedonian relations, put together in cooperation with the State Archives of the Republic of North Macedonia.