Athens mayor not supporting name protest

 Scheduling a referendum in Greece over the name issue would be a catastrophic mistake, says Athens Mayor Giorgos Kaminis and adds that the solution must be comprehensive not focused solely on the name.

Kaminis told Greek radio Thema 104,6 that although majority of Greeks support a referendum in opinion polls, its scheduling would be wrong, whereas a broad political and national consensus is needed.

“A responsible political leadership must adopt institutional decisions and lead people. The government must initiate the creation of a national consensus over the issue that has burdened the country for 25 years. The problem has cost Greece dearly in its foreign policy, especially on the Balkans and Europe. That is why things need to calm down,” says the Athens mayor.

He does not support the February 4 protest in Athens, but will allow it.

“I am obliged by the Constitution to allow people to voice their stance in public. However, the protest will not be of any help because of its abuse by the far-right,” stresses Kaminis.