Apostolska: EU membership to open up a market of 500 million consumers

Minister without Portfolio in charge of foreign investments Zorica Apostolska paid a working visit to the Municipality of Ohrid, where she had a meeting with the Mayor Jovan Stojanoski and visited the companies Mitrotek from Ohrid and Lindi from Kicevo, on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia signed Financial Assistance Contracts under the first and second pillars of the Economic Growth Plan, in accordance with the Law on Financial Support of Investments.

At the meeting with Mayor Stojanoski, as announced by her Cabinet, Minister Apostolska was informed about the economic development plans of the municipality, the Greenfield and Brownfield investments capacities for several development projects that could be realized with the help of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia. It was jointly assessed by the Minister and the mayor that NATO and EU membership guarantees the growth of the Macedonian economy and opens up perspectives for greater competitiveness of local enterprises through increased investments in new projects, in building business relations with successful foreign companies.

– The three-hundred-twenty-seven-million-euro foreign direct investment in the first half of the year and the GDP growth of 3.1% in the second quarter means that the Macedonian economy is growing and stabilizing in the long run, which means companies have stimulating conditions for increasing interest in realization of new investments, said Minister Apostolska at the meeting with Mayor Stojanoski.