Angjusev optimistic that GDP growth will be over 3% in 2018

Deputy PM for Economic Affairs Koco Angjusev is optimistic that planned GDP growth of 3.2 percent for this year can be achieved.

He told reporters at Saturday’s press briefing in government that he is optimistic due to the fact that the wages have already started to increase, the industry is on the rise and the realization of capital projects is to begin in Q2 of 2018.

“Increase of public consumption, industry and capital investments are three basic generators of GDP in each country, even in our country. The wages have been already growing, and therefore the public consumption grows, and by increasing the number of employees, it will grow even more. The second generator is the industry that is growing in this period and the numbers are very encouraging, and we expect the Economic Growth Plan to grow further. Currently, we may need faster implementation of the capital project, but as a government, we decided to prepare ourselves for the implementation problems, and then implement them as best as possible,” Angjusev said.

He announced that realization of capital projects will be intensified in Q2 of 2018.