Angjusev: EC’s report reflects realistic conditions in the Macedonian economy

The European Commission’s progress report realistically, precisely and accurately reflects all the conditions in the Macedonian economy, the Government’s Economic Growth Plan should help to improve the conditions that are pointed out, such as the grey economy, and besides its elimination, we must be committed to the innovative processes, Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Koco Angjusev said Thursday.

According to him, it is good that EC noted that Government’s Economic Growth Plan has potential, but as he said, we need to turn this positional into action and result.

“The potential is not enough, in the end, the results are evaluated. I am confident that such Economic Growth Plan will ultimately yield results,” Angjusev said, who was member of the jury commission at the Pitching Competition on the second day of Western Balkans Digital Summit in Skopje.

Angjusev agreed with findings in the report that the grey economy should be eliminated which, is present in all segments of living in Macedonia, such as agricultural products, textile sales..

“Take, for example, how agricultural products are being bought out, and how they are sold and distributed on markets. All this is outside the Macedonia’s financial system and we have to fight it. Therefore, we will also make certain activities in this direction, by activating the agricultural commodity exchange,” Angjusev said.

Ahead of today’s parliamentary debate on the Law on Financial Support to Investments, he called upon the opposition to give constructive criticism and to support the law.