Ambassador Shcherbak: The expulsion of the diplomat is a hostile move under external pressure

“The decision of the Macedonian authorities to expel a Russian diplomat is regretful, this decision is groundless and unprecedented in the entire history of Russian-Macedonian relations”, said Russian Ambassador Oleg Shcherbak.

“Officials in Skopje have decided to take this hostile step towards our country under the influence from foreign countries. However, it doesn’t excuse the Macedonian authorities from the negative consequences in our bilateral relations,” stated the ambassador.

He called the move ‘hasty’ and ‘short-sighted’ that was against the official position on fostering constructive and mutually beneficial relations with Russia.

Asked what kind of measures Russia would enact as a response to the diplomat’s expulsion, the Ambassador said Russia’s diplomacy had no tradition to rush decisions and steps that needed to be taken.

“In diplomacy, the expulsion of a diplomat is considered a serious and hostile step, and we will react in our own way. But, the response will be adequate and analyzed in-depth by everyone involved,” noted Shcherbak.