Ambassador Garrett: Name dispute settlement is main security issue in region

The name dispute settlement is the main security issue for the region, says British Ambassador Charles Garrett.

In an interview with Telma TV station Ambassador Garrett says he expects Macedonia and Greece to make a compromise, whereas the solution will be a turning point in Macedonia’s future.

“I am a cautious optimist. I see the talks are continuing. There are positive comments, the commitment is clear from both sides, and it is up to Greece and Macedonia to solve this issue once and for all. I know there are difficulties. Political courage is required in order to come to an agreement,” says Garrett.

According to him, two aspects need to be taken into consideration, the first being that each side must make compromises.

“The second is the opportunity opening for both sides. If there is an agreement, this opportunity can be the turning point for Macedonia,” stresses Garrett.

Regarding assistance from allies, including Great Britain, in the process, he says the support has always been there.

“We have always supported both sides. This issue is important not only for the region but also for other countries, including Great Britain. It has serious security interest for the Balkans, but also a main security issue. That is why we strongly support and encourage both sides,” underlines Garrett in the Telma interview.