Aleksov: 1,500 MOST observers to monitor referendum voting

MOST will deploy nearly 1,500 observers to monitor referendum voting, who will cover approximately 33% of the polling stations in Macedonia as well as 33% of every municipality, says Darko Aleksov, executive director of the citizens’ organization.

“Additionally, there will be mobile observers in every municipality to observe the atmosphere outside the polling stations,” said Aleksov.

No one has the right to violate the right to vote and expert pressure on voters intimidating them not to go out and vote, he stresses.

“In the past 16 years, MOST has always called on the citizens to come out to vote and the institutions to make sure they are able to express their will freely. Thus, we call on the citizens not to miss this chance and to take part in making this truly important decision,” Aleksov says.

The NGO’s executive director says that the campaign, which ended at midnight, was held in a peaceful and relaxed environment and included direct meetings with citizens and an increased ‘door-to-door’ campaign.