Albanian PM Rama to Ivanov: There is no Macedonia without Albanians

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama in the response on his Facebook profile regarding the views of Macedonian President Gjorge Ivanov on the law on the use of languages, which the Parliament adopted on Wednesday without an amnesty debate, said that without Albanians there is no Macedonia.
Rama, according to the media, “reminded” Ivanov that Albanian language is not an enemy language, but a language of the Albanians who are state-oriented people in Macedonia.

– Mr. Ivanov, the Albanian language is not the language of the enemy, but it is the language of the state-oriented people in Macedonia. Without Albanians there is no Macedonia, respected president – wrote Rama on Facebook.

Earlier, after the first law was passed, he boasted that it was passed thanks to his government.

– The Macedonian Parliament passed a law that could not have even be imagined some time ago. I tell you that all of you should be proud, all those who voted, supported and believed in this party should be proud, because without it today there would not be an official Albanian language in Macedonia,” Rama said.

According to him, the adoption of the law represents “historical achievement for Albanians, which democratizes and strengthens Macedonia.”