Albanian parties send message to Ivanov: Re-examine your decision or resign

President Gjorge Ivanov and Prime Minister Zoran Zaev entered a mutual “war”. After the adopted agreement was sent from the Parliament to Ivanov, Prime Minister Zaev said that the president should respect the decision of the parliamentary majority because it also represents the majority of citizens. But Ivanov does not give up. In such a situation, the Albanian parties call on the citizens to be moderate and restrained, and for President Ivanov to reconsider his decision and allow Macedonia to move forward.

Afrim Gashi’s party, which recently became a member of the Government, urged all institutions in the country to do their jobs because this is a time of major upheavals and Macedonia has no room for mistakes. A spokesman for Besa’s Skopje Wing, Orhan Murtezani, told Nezavisen/Independent newspaper that he hoped that nobody would be interested in using inter-ethnic relations in times when political leaders ought to show political maturity, not mutual stubbornness.
“I do not think it is the first time that we have this kind of crisis, which comes as a result of the conflict between the institutions. We continue to have such a problem with the unsigned law on languages. However, a country that wants to make progress needs to find solutions, and not create crises. In this context, the highest state institutions should promote this spirit. In times of turnaround, I think that everyone should be at the level of their tasks and help achieve cohesion in the state. I hope that this time we will not have issues that would stain the stability of the state and interethnic relations,” Murtezani said.
Albanian opposition parties are unanimous that Ivanov, instead of helping Macedonia make it easier for him to step into the EU and NATO, does the opposite with his latest opinions and steps. Vice President of the Tetovo Wing of Besa, Abdus Demiri, said that Ivanov did not deserve to be the president of Macedonia and asked for his resignation.

“The Besa movement firmly supports all the steps that bring the country closer to NATO and the EU. Any other alternative is unacceptable, and is not in the citizens’ best interest. We demand from Ivanov to give his resignation and stop his harmful actions against the state and citizens,” said Demiri.
The Alliance for Albanians calls for reasonable and political mature behavior of President Ivanov. Alliance spokesman Flakron Bexheti told Nezavisen/Independent newspaper that President Ivanov is currently the main factor against the implementation of the signed agreement with Greece. Bexheti added that the possibility of impeachment, which was mentioned by Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, should not be excluded.
“Our assessment is that these critical moments need to be overcome with political maturity and in the interest of Macedonia’s EU integration process. Any attempt to get political points with a political incentive, as is now happening between Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and President Gjorge Ivanov, should raise responsibility if the situation escalates. We are interested in resolving this situation as soon as possible, implementing the agreement with Greece and our political focus on the Euro-Atlantic process of Macedonia. In the eventual conflict between VMRO-DPMNE and SDSM, Albanians should show political maturity by not being part of any activities related to it. We think that President Ivanov should consider his decision on the law on languages ​​and the agreement with Greece. Of course, this is Ivanov’s anti-Constitutional behavior and should bear responsibility because he is now the biggest facilitator of the Constitution. All available means, including the impeachment, should be used, to be removed from the presidency because he works for the benefit of VMRO-DPMNE against the laws that are in favor of the citizens and the Euro-Atlantic process of Macedonia,” Bexheti said.

Blerim Ismaili