AA stays in gov’t coalition until language law is adopted, says Sela

The Alliance of the Albanians (AA) stays in the government coalition until the bill on the use of languages is adopted, party leader Zijadin Sela said Monday.

Sela and his party colleague Surija Rusiti arrived in Parliament earlier today to attend a session on the election of new government ministers. They, however, left the session after their proposals on changing the agenda that envisaged the election of a new health minister were not accepted.

Speaking to members of the media during a break in Parliament, he said that both Rusiti and himself had voted for the agenda of today’s session because it included proposals on the law on languages, the amnesty law and other laws deemed in the interest of the citizens.

The AA leader said he hoped the language bill would be adopted by the end of the day.

“From that moment on, AA will no longer be part of this administration that calls itself ‘a reform-oriented government’. Day after day, we are being more and more convinced, so does the citizens, that the current administration remains ‘a machine’ to wash away the sins of the criminals and corrupt politicians that are part of the government,” said Sela.

According to him, the government is being reshuffled instead of only vacant posts in the government being fulfilled.

“The Premier today demonstrated that he isn’t respecting the deal reached when the government was formed,” the party leader stressed.