419 foreign and 3,150 local obesrvers monitor the presidential elections

To monitor the voting at polling stations, the counting of ballots, and the summing up of results in the 2019 North Macedonia presidential election, 3,150 local and 419 foreign observers have been deployed throughout the country.

Local observers include MOST, a local civic association founded in 2002, monitoring the elections with 1,940 observers.

Next, Mak-Sonce, an association for the affirmation of human values and youth integration, has deployed 583 observers.

Aksios 2017 Skopje, an association of citizens for development and promotion of tourism, sustainable development and human rights, has deployed 329 observers.

Foreign observers include the OSCE/ODIHR mission, which has deployed a total of 240 observers, and World Macedonian Congress, participating with 59 observers.

The Embassy of the United States has deployed 42 observers.

Other embassiesincluding those of Russia, France, the UK, Sweden, Hungary, Italy, Albania, Slovakiahave also had their own representatives accredited to monitor the election.

Deployed nationwide are 16 observers from the EU Delegation, and The State Election Commission has also accredited 20 foreign journalists and 289 translators.