27 countries to expel Russian diplomats

More than 20 nations on three continents this week vowed to expel Russian diplomats in response to the poisoning of a former Russian spy in England, including the U.S. which is expelling 60 envoys.

The United Kingdom earlier this month sent home 23 Russian diplomats — after saying Russia was behind the poisoning of former spy Sergei Skripal in Salisbury, England.

Since Monday, the following 27 countries and NATO have said that they, too, are expelling Russian diplomats, bringing the total being sent home to Russia to at least 152.

U.S.: 60 diplomats (and it said it would close Russia’s consulate in Seattle)

Ukraine: 13 diplomats

NATO: 7 diplomats will have accreditation withdrawn, three others’ pending accreditation requests have been denied

Canada: 4 diplomats (and denying three others’ applications)

France: 4 diplomats

Germany: 4 diplomats

Poland: 4 diplomats

Lithuania: 3 diplomats

Czech Republic: 3 diplomats

Moldova: 3 diplomats

Netherlands: 2 diplomats

Italy: 2 diplomats

Denmark: 2 diplomats

Spain: 2 diplomats

Albania: 2 diplomats

Australia: 2 diplomats

Estonia: 1 diplomat

Latvia: 1 diplomat

Romania: 1 diplomat

Finland: 1 diplomat

Croatia: 1 diplomat

Hungary: 1 diplomat

Sweden: 1 diplomat

Norway: 1 diplomat

Macedonia: 1 diplomat

Ireland: 1 diplomat

Belgium: 1 diplomat

Montenegro: 1 diplomat (and withdrawing the status of one honorary consul)